Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Resist the trivial....

We received the newest resource catalog from Ligonier Ministries a couple weeks ago, and this phrase was on one of the pages: "Resist the Trivial". What a concept! We are made for great things - no less than the worship of our God.

So the next question is: how do we do that? How do we resist the trivial in our worship of God?

Since we moved to this fair city almost 3 years ago, we have searched for a church that allows us to worship God in a serious, reverent, God-centered way. What we have found is church after church doing the same thing - shallow worship songs, an entertaining worship band and praise chorus, shallow sermons that tickle the ears with relative topics, youth groups that try to entertain the teenagers with "their kind of games and music". The "seeker-sensitive" model. The trivial.

Before you jump on me, understand that I know the people in the churches we've visited are very serious about what they do - but I think they're wrong. The approach that most Protestant Evangelical churches take to worship today is man-centered rather than God-centered. The concern is more about which music will people want to sing rather than what does God want to hear. The concern is more about helping people get their lives "back on track" rather than teaching them who God is. And in many cases, the concern is more about getting bodies in the pews rather than discipling the believers who are already there.

Enough complaining, I'll get to the point - I really think the main reason we haven't found a church isn't because there isn't a good church here, but because God has other plans for us. He has led us to seek out other like-minded Christians to start a Reformed fellowship and Bible study - and we've finally taken those first steps. There is another family in town who has been searching for the same things we've been searching for. We have started meeting and studying together, publicizing our efforts and inviting others to join us. We are small (9 of us representing 2 families), but we have hope that God will bless our time together as we seek to honor Him. Will you pray for us as we seek to "resist the trivial"?