Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Vision of Order

God gave me a vision for our home many years ago: children who are friends with each other, delicious homemade meals prepared on time, time to read good literature together, hymns known so well they can be sung from memory, fresh curtains blowing in the breeze in an open kitchen window. In short, God gave me a vision of a peaceful, ordered home.

He gave me this vision when our home was a mess. With four young children, our family recovering from another move, my spirit battered from multiple miscarriages, my husband working many hours to establish himself in his new job…our home was anything but peaceful. Chaos and disorder reigned, and I struggled to get meals on the table and the laundry done.

Then in Bible study I learned this principle: “God is not a God of chaos, but of order”. That order trickles down from God’s created order, to history, to governments, to the church, and ultimately to my home. But how could I order my home in a God honoring way? How could I develop a routine of cleaning and housework that reflected God’s order and pleased my family as well?

The best way I found was to have a schedule. I rebelled for years against having a schedule – after all, I’m an intelligent person, able to direct my own daily tasks. I thought a schedule would stifle the time I had with my children, would deny me any time for “myself”, would make housework a drudgery and a chore. Nothing could be further from the truth. God opened my eyes to understand that my rebellion against a schedule was just that – rebellion. God has shown us His pattern in the Bible: that rules and boundaries – set with love and care – bring joy and contentment, if we only submit to them.

That pattern extends into our home. The schedule I have put in place for myself and my children provides our whole family with the joy of having a clean home, meals prepared and eaten on time, clean laundry folded and in dresser drawers, and a content (not stressed!) Mama.

That is the vision. Our role as homemakers is to turn the vision into reality. But how? If your home is like mine was, there is a huge gap between the vision and the reality – but it is possible. Start with the small things. Make the details fall into line, and the bigger things will follow.