Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Have a Thrifty, Frugal Christmas!

You know the song, “Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas”, right? Well, start humming and then add in the words:

Have a thrifty, frugal Christmas!                          
It’s the best time of the year,
I don’t know, if there’ll be snow
But the family will have cheer!

Have a thrifty, frugal Christmas,
And when you see your children smile,
You’ll know they’ll remember this
For years and years with bliss.

Ho ho, the Spirit’s glow
Shining in your home,
This is what you’re waiting for,
The Savior Christ has come!

Have a thrifty, frugal Christmas!
And in case you didn’t hear,
You can simply
Have a holly, jolly Christmas
This year!

Did you have fun with the silly sing-a-long?

But mostly, did you get the message?

Christmas is….Christmas. 

And the message of Christmas is that
Jesus came to earth…
                                   God promised,
to live a sinless life…
                                            …as God promised,
to make the perfect sacrifice…
                                            …as God promised.

The manger and the cross. What more do we need?

When you’re planning your family Christmas celebration, remember that we don’t need all that stuff that we would like to buy….

Simplify your Christmas this year – hold on to dear traditions, but don’t fall into the trap of lights, candy, loads of food, and presents and more presents…

Give yourself….

…make cookies with your little ones
…read a book together

…play games together

…volunteer to ring the bell for the Salvation Army




Have a thrifty, frugal, simply awe-filled Christmas!


Jessica Nelson said...

Working on it!

Jan Drexler said...

I know you'll have fun doing it!