Saturday, January 26, 2013

Classical Education in Our Home - part 2

Part two has been a long time coming! My only excuse is that our family life has been in huge upheaval over the past year...but we are finally re-employed, relocated, re-establishing and ready to start again. You can read my blog post from December 2009 - we are living out that post :)

So, today's question is: what led us to a Classical Education in our home?

Just before we started full time homeschooling - after one year of homeschooling our oldest, a move, another baby, and a few more years of public school - I was a discussion leader in Bible Study Fellowship, which meant a trip to Indianapolis for a retreat. The retreat was wonderful, but the most life-changing event wasn't in the teaching, or the discussion sessions, or in my personal Bible study - it was one little phrase that the BSF Director (Rosemary Jensen) used as she shared her personal story: "classical education."

Once I found out WHAT a classical education was, the next task was to figure out how to implement it in our home school. This was the mid-1990's, before "The Well-Trained Mind", Veritas Press, "Teaching the Trivium" or Memoria Press. Before "Latina Christiana". Even before most literature-based curricula (Sonlight was launched around 1994).

And, believe it or not, this was before the explosion of the internet. I couldn't Google for information, there were no companies out there with web-sites, there were no forum, no e-loops...Sigh. I'm feeling old.

But, God was leading (as always), and we started homeschooling with the resources available, hoping that we would eventually work into a Classical mode.